Why Are Assistant Professor Jobs Vacancies Increasing in India?

India is popular for its education system. There are many colleges being setup across the country every year and the demand for Professors and Assistant Professors is also growing to fill up the vacancies in these colleges.

There are many assistant professor jobs vacancies available in the newly setup colleges. Apart from the newly established colleges, there are many reasons for the growing assistant professor jobs vacancies, which are mentioned below.

Reasons for Increasing Vacancies for Assistant Professors

One of the possible reasons is due to the lack of suitably qualified people for both the teaching-focused and research-based positions. Many times,higher education institutes require professors, who can implement research-based teaching rather than restrict themselves to theoretical knowledge. Unfortunately, not many professors are available with a blend of both these skills.

One of the possible solutions would be to increase the number of students in PhD and other post graduate programs and offer them more generous incentives than what are being offered now. This might be an ideal solution.

Another possible reason might be the inability to hire the faculty despite the desperate need for the institution. This might be due to the financial constraints of the institutions. Most of the time, these institutes do not hire a full-time faculty as they charge high. They only hire the faculty on a part time basis, which reduces the efficiency of the subject being delivered.
Another possible reason for the increasing vacancies for Assistant Professors is that the institutions are not willing to hire sufficiently qualified faculty in spite of having huge funding. This might be due to the profit-making mind-set of the organisations. They tend to save more money by hiring a professor who might be available to deliver the lectures for a low pay, but not quality ones for sure.

The final reason for the shortage of Assistant Professors in the institutions is that though the colleges are ready to pay the required sum, the assistant professors are not willing to join the institutions. This might be due to the poor reputation of the institution because of the work location and sometimes due to the flexibility of the work hours for the professor.

You might have understood the scenario now as to why there are lots of assistant professor jobs vacancies in Indian institutions.