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How to negotiate the price of a used car

Most people opt to buy a used car so they can stay within their budget. There are a number of techniques to go about this to be sure you are staying within your financial capabilities.

Get the first price

Majority of dealers and private sellers have a starting price which is usually higher than what they can sell the car for. This is because people would naturally want a lower price than the initial one to make them feel that they have gotten a good and fair deal.

Getting the first price will help you determine or predict how much the dealer can lower the price. It will also allow you to compare between the first price and your budget. If you are willing to spend more money, you can also determine how much the amount would be before you continue the negotiation process.

Do some research to make it easy

Prior research will enable you to understand how things go and learn the best procedure to buy a used car in Bangalore. It will allow you to know about other reputable pricing guides and mention them when you negotiate. If the dealer’s pricing is ridiculous, mentioning these reputable pricing will make them take a step back, reconsider, and give you better alternatives.

Have a back up

Yes, it is a smart move to have someone else tag along. Being alone makes you more susceptible to being swayed into accepting something you’re unsure of. Having someone with you will create a strong joint force and will help you get a better deal without much struggle.

Always be ready to leave

If you’re unhappy and unsatisfied, always be ready to walk away. Being able to do so will show that you’re the one who’s in control and are serious about the purchase. If they were just playing hard ball with you, they will most likely get back to you and offer you a better deal.