How Can Surveillance Systems in Subways Enhance Commuter Safety?

Thousands of commuters use subways on a daily basis and hence ensuring their safety is high up on the government’s agenda. It is difficult to manually monitor and secure all the stops and the subway cars, but using surveillance systems it becomes easy to monitor and provide security.

The manufacturers of surveillance systems are working on incorporating the latest technologies to make it more and more effective. Hikvision, government-controlled manufacturer of surveillance systems, is taking over the world with its new and innovative products both in the private and the public sector.

Installing a surveillance system in a subway allows the security personnel to watch the security video in real time. This helps in curtailing criminal activities because they can spot the suspicious activity the moment it happens, which increases their response time to bring things under control.

The effectiveness of security forces increases manifold with the installation of these surveillance cameras. A person who is physically deployed at a particular spot in a subway has a limitation of keeping an eye on a limited area around him/her. But, with multiple feeds in view, a person monitoring the camera feeds can keep an eye on a vast area. He can then direct the security to the spots where it is required, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the security forces.

The installation of these security cameras has not only helped in bringing down the crime rate but also reducing the annual losses resulting from bogus claims.

Earlier, when there were no such cameras installed some passengers used to take advantage of the system and file lawsuits for injury and damage claims. Now when a passenger files any such claim by giving the footage made by him, the authorities can check for the authenticity of the claim by viewing the footage recorded by the security cameras.

If the video footage provided by surveillance cameras dittos what the passenger is claiming, then they go ahead with the proceedings. If the claim seems fraudulent, it is simply trashed. Thus, these surveillance systems act as a deterrent for passengers who have wrong motives.

Subway surveillance is working to bring down the crime rate on both trains and at stations. The footage is helping police in identifying and arresting the armed suspects and other criminals. It is, in fact, providing a more comprehensive coverage to the subway.