Make sure which iPhone Accessories Will Work with Your iPhone 5s and 5c

Every time a new version of iPhone arrives, the first thought that might cross your mind is whether you can use the accessories you have with the new version. The iPhone 5c is an upgraded version of the iPhone 5s. So, both will have some identical features, but they may differ in size, shape, design etc.

In case of both iPhone 5 and 5c, they have dissimilar shapes and connectors. If you have a third party accessory check whether it is licensed or not because iPhone will not support it. Let us know in detail to what extent your accessories are compatible with the iPhone 5s/5c.

Charging accessories

The iPhone 5s/5c uses similar lighting ports to charge the battery. So, you can use the same accessories like port, batteries, and wires with both the iPhone models. Only particular docks are compatible with them as they will not fit every model.


If you have to replace your iPhone 5 with the upgraded model iPhone 5c then the cases of iPhone 5 will fit the iPhone 5c as both have similar shape and size. When you compare iPhone 5s with iPhone 5c they are different in shape and dimension. So, you have to purchase a new model case for iPhone 5s.

Bluetooth headsets and speakers

You can use the same Bluetooth earpiece, which is used by the earlier models to receive or make calls on the iPhone 5s/5c. Most of the headsets will have a button to answer or finish the call and double click will redial your last number in the call register. If your headset will have an A2DP compatible feature then you can even listen to the music on your phone.

You can connect multiple Bluetooth speakers at the same time. If your speaker has an AVRCP playback feature to control the playback options including previous, play, and next, you can utilize them. Based on the design of the accessory you can change the audio level of your iPhone.

Stereo system and lightning cables

With the audio cables, you can fix your iPhone 5s/5c with any audio equipment like home stereo system etc. For iPhone 5s cable buy certified accessory to charge the battery unless they will create some trouble to the users. The iPhone 5s uses 2 in 1m USB cable with adapter 2.1m, which is also compatible with the iPhone 5c.

In addition to the above accessories there are other products like camera connectors, audio and video accessories, microphones, etc which you can use with the iPhone, but before using understand the features of the product.

There will always be a risk, if you opt for a third party accessory. Even though they provide you the accessories at low price, they are not safe to use.

When you use other accessory for iPhone 5s/5c, compare both physical as well as electronic compatibility of the device and make sure they are safe to use or not. Then you will not lose your favorite accessory, which is used for your iPhone.